Working with Adobe Reader – Tools

Tools available in Acrobat Reader X

Once the PDF document has been opened in Adobe Reader, check if the PDF has been enabled for commenting (see Is my PDF enabled?). If the PDF has been enabled for commenting you will find various mark-up tools are available.
The Annotations and Drawing Markups menus/toolbars should be visible, as well as the Comments List; if not they should be accessible from the View menu or the Comment button.

  • The Annotations menu (Figure 1): tools available here are:
    • Add Sticky Note
    • Highlight Text
    • Attach File
    • Record Audio
    • Add Stamp (menu)
    • Insert text at cursor (Ins)
    • Replace (Ins)
    • Strikethrough (Del)
    • Underline
    • Add note to text.


Adobe Reader - Annotation tools for enabled pdf

Figure 1.  Annotation tools in Adobe Reader



  • The Add Stamp menu (Figure 2):
    • Show Stamps Palette
    • Marks (this is a custom set of stamps I added)
    • Dynamic (menu – hover over displayed options)
    • Sign Here (menu – hover over displayed options)
    • Standard Business (menu – hover over displayed options)
    • Custom Stamps – 2 options Create Custom Stamp . . . and Manage Stamps . . .
    • Paste Clipboard Image as Stamp Tool.


Adobe Reader - Stamps tool


  • The Drawing Markups menu (Figure 3):
    • Add text box
    • Add text callout
    • Draw line
    • Draw arrow
    • Draw oval
    • Draw rectangle
    • Draw cloud
    • Draw polygon
    • Draw connected lines
    • Pencil – Draw free form
    • Eraser – erase free form.


Adobe Reader - Drawing Markups tools for enabled pdf

Figure 3. The Drawing Markups tools


  • The Comments List (Figure 4):
    • Holds details of all changes made using Annotation and Drawing Markups tools.
    • Pop-ups may or may not expand when the Comments List is open – check the Preferences (Commenting tab).


Adobe Reader - Comments list

Figure 4. Comments List in Adobe Reader

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