Is my PDF enabled?

Adobe Reader X/10 allows some very basic mark-up of PDF files through the use of the Sticky Note and Highlight Text tools found in the Comments menu/button (Figure 1).


Figure 1. The mark-up tools available if the PDF is not enabled for mark-up in Adobe Reader


If the PDF has been enabled […]

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How to enable editing tools for use in Adobe Reader


Open PDF in Acrobat Pro (I’m using Acrobat Pro 9). On the Advanced menu click Extend Features in Adobe Reader . . .


Figure 1. ‘Extend Features in Adobe Reader’ menu option


A dialogue box – Extend Usage Rights in Adobe Reader – comes up informing you of the features that […]

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Working with PDFs

In the same way that copy-editing is now almost exclusively done on-screen, it is now increasingly common to be asked to proofread a document on-screen, as a PDF document, instead of proofreading hard-copy. If you have never been asked to tackle a PDF document before you may have a few questions, such as,

What software/hardware […]

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