Marking up with Drawing Markups

The Drawing Markups tools allow the proofreader or copy-editor to mark-up the digital document as they would a paper document (Figure 1). Regard the Digital Markups as the electronic equivalents of your red and blue pens and pencils.

  • Inserting or substituting text or deleting individual letters or words
    • Select the pencil (or line tool) and use to add the appropriate mark to the text and margin.
    • A text box (with no border) can be used to add the text before the marginal mark.
  • Deleting larger sections of text
    • Use the line tool to strike through the text to be deleted (or use the circle, rectangle or polygon tool to draw around the text).
    • Use the pencil tool to draw the appropriate marginal mark(s).
  • Use a combination of the drawing tools to mark up positioning and spacing instructions.
  • Encircled text and marginal comments
    • Use the circle, rectangle or polygon tool to draw around the text to be encircled and use a text box (with a border) or callout to write the instruction in.


Drawing markups views in Adobe Reader.

Figure 1. Text marked up with some of the Drawing Markups in Adobe Reader


Please note: The image(s) used in this post include Adobe product screenshot(s) reprinted with permission from Adobe Systems Incorporated.

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